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Mini credit card sized mobile / cell phoneCredit card size mini mobile phone
Dual SIM cards case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S
iPhone 5/5S Dual SIM - SIM2Be5 DualSIM Adapter Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S
2 SIM cards in your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S Dual SIM compatible UMTS 3G
Dual SIM Card Adapter for Mobile
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  • 2 SIM cards in your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S
  • Just 1 click to switch from one SIM to the other
  • Simple and easy installation, no jailbreak, no cutting SIM cards
  • Design and modern protective case for your iPhone 5/5S
  • A manual switch allows you to switch between your two SIM cards
  • You choose on which SIM card you want to be connected
  • No software installation required
  • Compatible with Nano SIM, Micro SIM and standard SIM

Compatible with all iPhone 5 and all iPhone 5S
Two SIM cards (Nano SIM / Micro-SIM and/or SIM standard format) in your iPhone 5/5S
1 click to switch from one SIM to another
No software installation required
Does not require to cut your SIM cards
Compatible with any providers SIM or USIM cards
Support UMTS - 3G - LTE - 4G networks
Avoid roaming charge
Scratchproof and shockproof
Does not affect the functions of your iPhone 5 / 5S

Colour: Black and orange
Push-Push SIM Card Slot
Manual switch for card switching (SIM-1 / SIM-2)
Dimensions: 128x65x17.2mm
Weight:48 grams

To note:
the mobile must be unlocked to use two SIM cards from different operators
some SIM cards need to reboot the phone after the switch

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Dual SIM adapter for iPhone 5 iPhone 5 Dual SIM Case adapter 2 SIM cards in iPhone 5 use 2 SIM cards in iPhone 5

Dual SIM Case for iPhone 5

Dual SIM case for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S
2 SIM cards in iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S with manual switch
iPhone 5 iPhone 5S dual SIM adapter without jailbreak
iPhone 5S iPhone 5 case Dual SIM adapter
Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S dual SIM cards
Dual SIM adapter UMTS Simore Infinite IP
Doesn't requier to cut your SIM cards
Requier to cut your SIM cards
Integrate 2 SIM cards in your mobile
ISO NORME - 7816
3G and GSM mobile phone compatible
Multilanguages menu (ENG-FRE-GER-ITA-SPA)
Manual switching function
Auto switching function (flexible duration)
Name and display the active SIM card
Internal protected memory    
Secured secret Agenda    
Secured secret notebook    
Crypted SMS function (send & receive)    
Crypted SMS storage    
IP Phone call function
Call Through function
Call Back function        
Multi IMSI function (8 numbers)
Support GSM network
Support GPRS network
Support EDGE network
Support CDMA network
Support UMTS - 3G network
Support WCDMA network
Support HSDPA network
Shortcut function
Bullet Injection technology